Now, a little bit about me.

Growing up, I viewed the world by exploring backroads, hiking hidden trails, and seeing life through a different lens. When I got my first camera, I was hooked; it was the tool that allowed me to capture the places, people, and moments that made priceless memories. You could always find me with my camera around my neck, looking for the perfect snapshots in everyday moments. Whether it was the endless beautify of nature, remnants of historical places, splendors of architectural diversity, or milestones of family and friends, I preserved moments by providing keepsake images. 

As I took classes in college, honed my craft, joined clubs, and photographed a number of people and places along the way, I’ve learned one thing: Everyone comes with a different story, background, perspective, and walk of life. How they celebrate milestone events that enhance their lives  – graduations, weddings, births, holidays, engagements, proms – is unique to them. So too should be the approach for capturing them.

Here’s where I come in.

Today, years later, people like you entrust me as their photographer to provide more than great photos. They want experiences that go beyond transactions. They want photographs that capture the essence of the image – not just a great snapshot of them, but the people, places, and the very heart of the celebration that made it special. They want to remember these moments for a lifetime for smiles that last for generations. 


That’s my passion.

What memories can Alex Harrison Photography make for you? Click here to contact me and let’s start building memories, together!